Friday, May 17th 4 pm to 7 pm - Barefoot Fruit Moscato Tasting 

Free Barefoot apple, peach, & strawberry moscato tasting.


Friday, May 24th 4 pm to 7 pm - Black Button Distillery Tasting

Free Black Button tasting featuring their Bourbon Cream, NYS Corn Vodka, Cask Strength Bourbon and more!


Friday, May 31st 4 pm to 7 pm - Sunshine Wine Distribution

Free wine tasting featuring Boyal Rose, Finca Fabian Espumoso Brut, & Vaiven Blanc Tempranillo 


Friday, June 7th 4 pm to 7 pm - City Moonlight & LakeWard Spirits

Free City Moonlight wine tasting featuring Two Birds One Stone Rosé, J. Baumer Rheingau Riesling, and La Torretta Pinot Grigio & LakeWard Spirits tasting featuring Grain Canyon Vodka and Fathoms Below Rum 


Friday, June 14th 4 pm to 7 pm - Thousand Islands Tasting

Free Thousand Islands Tasting featuring their North Country Red, Wellesly Island White, St. Lawerence Red, and more!


Friday, June 21st 4 pm to 7 pm - Barn Dog Tasting

Free Barn Dog Tasting featuring their Red Boot Vanilla Rum and Black Boot Rum.


Friday, June 28th 4 pm to 7 pm - Black Button Distillery & Johnson Estate Tasting

Free Johnson Estate Tasting featuring their Semi Dry Riesing, Ives, and many more & Black Button Distillery featuring their Lilac Gin, Loganberry Gin, Bourbon Cream and more!